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Home Page - A Bit Of Background

Over the last few years, I've published loads of information via several forums about the various models that I've built. Recently, I thought it would be a good idea to have a website that brought it all together. 

My wife Chris, paints Railway related subjects, so we decided to set up a joint site, where we could share our creations with you.

I picked up the model railway bug from my father which ran into my teens but then fell by the way side as girls, beer marriage and family came on the scene. My last layout as a teenager was in N Gauge but I left it behind when I left home. I started to collect a few items of 4mm/00 gauge rolling stock in the late 1980's and even went as far as converting my loft with the intention of building a layout. As happens with many things in life it never came to fruition and I subsequently got divorced so all that I had collected lay untouched - most of it brand new and boxed. 

When I ultimately got together with Chris and we got married and moved in to a home of our own, she was having a look through the stuff that we had both stashed in the loft.  She opened the boxes containing the railway collection and said it was a shame that it was all boxed and unused and that I should consider getting it out and doing something with it. This encouragement and stumbling across a Hornby Hogwarts Castle set (we are both Harry Potter fans) that was very reasonably priced in an ex catalogue shop, rekindled my interest in model railways.

Despite building up quite a collection of 4mm RTR I soon realised that I prefer building stock from kits/scratch building than running things that I have bought. I then spent a couple of enjoyable years building in 4mm scale (some of which I will show on here as time allows me to add updates). After visiting various shows and seeing different layouts and scales, I mentioned to Chris that I would quite like to build something in 7mm scale, just for the presence and additional detail that it would possible to add.

The following Christmas I had quite a surprise, not only did I receive a 7mm LMS Period I full brake coach kit.  I also got a 7mm DJH LNER A3 with a corridor tender. I built the Full brake starting straight after Christmas and despite building a few more items in 4mm scale in the mean time, (adding all the extra details that I had done on the full brake) I was hooked. 

I took the decision to sell all my 4mm stock and replace it with 7mm scale items and ultimately only retained some track and 3 Hornby live steam locos plus some coaches. These are to run in the garden on sunny days - great fun I must add.

Below are a couple of items that I have built as a taster for the rest of the site.

Fruit van 004.JPG

LNER Y6 Painted 009.JPG