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Gallery page for Slaters Wagon Kits


This page contains wagons built from the Slaters range of wagon kits.

Many moons ago I build a Slaters 14 Ton Tank wagon kit but due to various circumstances I never got around to lettering or finishing it off. 

When I built it I replaced the plastic tank barrel with a rolled brass one to get more detail.

Initially I painted it like this because it was going to be a Class A petrol tank.

Then I found a photo and decided to do this to complement the one that I did earlier.

After the locker wagon the next Slaters kit to hit the bench was going over old ground - another Salt Wagon. 

Like the first one, the transfers are home made but then I hand painted over the lettering to enhance it.

And finally a shot alongside the first one.

The latest Slaters build is a conversion from a Gloucester 5 Plank Open to a Midland Railway build WD locker wagon.

Another long time inhabitant of the work bench/shelf queens is this Tar Tank Wagon.

MR/LMS 10 Ton Brake Van - modified to have a panelled window in the none veranda end as per photos in Essery's Midland Wagons tome.

LMS Loco Coal Wagon - I don't seem to have taken any photos before I weathered this one.

Midland Railway/LMS Fruit Van

Midland Railway/LMS 6 Wheeled Slatted Milk Truck

Salt wagon, with home made transfers using clear laser decal paper.

Midland/LMS unfitted cattle wagons

Midland/LMS open wagon

Midland 6 wheeled Brake van - The roof will be stuck down once it's weathered.