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Gallery page for Parkside Wagon Kits


The next page in the gallery is a selection of wagons built from the rather nice range of Parkside Dundas plastic kits.

I have built quite a few more from the Parkside stable since I last updated this page.

BR/WR (ex GWR) TEVAN - This has now been sold and will soon grace the wonderful 7mm layout 'Bucks Hill'

Parkside NBR Open Wagon converted to a coke wagon as many of them were by the addition of raves from styrene strip.

Parkside LMS Beer Van (Diag D1817).

Parkside LMS 12 ton van (Diag D1664)

Parkside LNER 12Ton unfitted Van - I modified this one slightly to represent the version that had the small sliding door in the end.

My latest effort from Parkside is the backdating of a BR 12 ton Pipe Wagon kit to an earlier LNER version. Richard and Andrew at Parkside were kind enough to supply me the extra sprues that I needed when I collected the kit at Telford last year.

A rare distraction from my more usual northern based stock and finished in BR livery too - a former Southern Railway Meat van

An NBR 4 Plank Open with added detailing.

And finally with it's load.

LMS Ventilated Van

LMS Meat Van

LNER Unfitted Cattle Truck

LNER Horse box

NBR/LNER 8 ton Outside Framed Van

LNER Vacuum fitted 12 ton Vans

LNER Loco Coal Wagon

LNER 12 ton Unfitted Van

LMS Ventilated Van

LNER Unfitted 12 ton Van and LNER Double Bolster Wagon

LNER Fitted Cattle Truck

LNER Plate Wagon

GWR Horse Box - one of the few bits of GWR stock that I have built.

Complete with Groom...

Next is an LMS Brake Van. The roof is still loose until the verandas have been fully weathered.

Another NBR 8 Ton van.

NBR 8 Ton Van