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Gallery page for Connoisseur Models Kits


All examples on this page are models built from Jim McGeown's excellent Connoisseur range. 

Last year I had ordered some stuff for collection from the Gauge O Guild's Executor and Trustee service and when I went to collect them there was something missing so I chose and alternative. That alternative was another GER Sand Wagon. I decided to finish this in BR livery and sell it to fund something else.

While at the 2014 Cleckheaton GOG show I picked up one of Jim's latest releases. This is the former Majestic Models NBR/LNER Tender Truck.
It's a quirky little thing that requires a little more work than Jim's own designed kits but he covers what needs to be done in the instructions. What I love about this kit is the scope for extra detailing that I so enjoy.

The latest of Jim's wonderful kit's to roll off the workbench is an LNER MAC-L

NER/LNER Implement Wagon

Another selection after it had gained a wonderful looking load. Chris bought me a couple of period tractors as a wrap up Christmas present but out of the box they were a bit shiny and new looking. Chris soon sorted that!

NBR/LNER Brake Van

GER/LNER Sand Wagon

Midland/LMS Milk Van   

I do love these LMS lined NPCS vehicles.

LNER Refrigerator Van