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Miscellaneous Gallery

This is a gallery for all those little projects that don't quite fit in the rolling stock or loco pages


1:43 Scale Pewter Cars


A while back I had an idea to build some carriage trucks and Lowmac's etc. and needed some items as loads so after looking at farm implements I decided to have a look for some vehicles. I priced up cast kit's from various suppliers and realised that they were quite expensive - up to £50.

As an alternative I did a search on eBay for 1:43 scale vintage cars and amongst the many on offer were three pewter cars from Danbury Mint that all needed some attention but a £5 bid plus P&P secured them. When they arrived and were assessed a couple needed the windscreen frames reshaped and the 1909 Rolls Royce needed it's back axle soldering back on.

I then primed and sprayed them and finally made and fitted windscreens where necessary.

This is what I ended up with which is not bad for just over £3 each.

First up is the 1909 Roll Royce Silver Ghost.

Next is a 1936 Jaguar SS100

1:43 Scale 1945 MG-TC

Finally I picked up a couple of Matchbox vehicles on the bring an d buy at a show for £1 each.

This one a Matchbox 1918 Crossley Truck started life in a very bright red with a brass finished front end. The coal sacks need a bit more work but it looks much more appropriate for 1918.

Cable Drums


While preparing the boards for my indoor layout I cut lightening holes/cable runs and like the tight Yorkshireman that I am I saved all the circular pieces that were cut out. Some time after I made up a few cable drums using matchsticks but I was never really that happy with them.

Since buying  North Western Shortline "Chopper II" guillotine type cutter I revisited them. Jim Snowden also pointed me at a video on YouTube of some being loaded/unloaded in the 1930's

Grubby Tractor


This is another tractor that Chris has weaved her weathering magic on.

Skytrex Wagon Loads.


I took advantage of an offer on the Skytrex site and bought a few wagon loads
here are some of them after painting.

I am particularly pleased with how these carboys turned out