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Loco Model Gallery


This page is where I will showcase my finished models. The trials and tribulations of the builds can be found in the various blog pages

Shropshire and Montgomeryshire Railway No 2 Severn


The idea to build Severn came from a friend on RMWeb scratch building a model from an old drawing that was originally published in a 1960's edition of Model Railway News. I have always fancied having a go at scratch building and this seemed like a good place to start. It doesn't fit in with any of my modelling period or interests and was a purely done for fun and to see if I could.

Here are a few shots of her when she was finished.

I finally plucked up the courage to have a go at adding some of the lining that is evident in some of the photos that I have of Severn.

LNER Y6 Tram Engine


At Christmas a couple of years ago, Chris presented me with a pile of Connoisseur Models kits. Most of them were wagon kits, but one was this kit for a tram engine. She had first eyed one up while viewing a layout called Marske that is owned by an acquaintance in the north east.

Nellie - A Connoisseur Models Starter kit


While browsing a stand at Halifax Show I spotted this kit for the princely sum of £35. My son had asked me to pick something up for father's day so I chose this. Being one of Jim's older kit's my example didn't have a backhead or bunker front. After fitting a Slaters backhead that I had in stock and scratch building a bunker front I found out that I could have obtained some spares from Jim. 

The kit was originally based on a LSWR C14 albeit simplified with no outside valve gear. Which means that in reality it doesn't represent any prototype so the end result is only limited by the imagination. I chose to finish it in post war LNER livery with a fictional number adding a toolbox from the spares box and a Westinghouse pump among other details. The tools that are scattered about came from the excellent Peter Roles range



Here are some photos of the completed J63 before it gets weathered.



I have been building this since 2010 o and off and it's finally taking shape and ready for sharing here.