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Chris's Railway Art Gallery - The page for photos and details of Chris's Railway Paintings

Heritage Railway Article


While attending the selection session for entries into the 2016 Railart Exhibition being held at Kidderminster Railway Museum (for which Chris had a couple of paintings accepted). Malcolm Root asked Chris if she had seen the article featuring her, entitled "Chris Pulham - a female railway artist in a man's world" in the August 25 edition of Heritage Railway magazine. Chris was speechless for a while not quite believing what she was being told so I popped around to the station shop with Malcolm to buy a copy.

The article on page 22 features Chris's painting "De-Light at Holbeck" and for those who would like to see it in the flesh the exhibition runs until the 2nd of October.

Prints From Chris's Paintings are Now Available to buy.


Should anyone wish to enquire about purchasing prints from any of the paintings below please use the "email" button on the left hand menu. 

Prints can be supplied in many sizes on canvas, good quality paper etc. 

What ever option is chosen they are all "Giclee" printed using light fast inks for longevity.

Some Really Good News


On the 1st of June 2013, Chris and I took the paintings shown below along to the AGM of the Guild of Railway Artists for an adjudication session to confirm Chris's acceptance into the GRA. Chris was successful in this and is now an associate member. 

For both of us it was the opportunity to not only show off her paintings to an audience of artists who have attained a high standard in the field but also to meet a few of the artists whose published works we have at home. They are a very friendly bunch and Chris received lots of hints an tips that she will make use of in future paintings.

More Good News!


In 2014 The annual GRA Railart exhibition is being held at Kidderminster Railway Museum on the Severn Valley Railway.

Chris has had two of her paintings accepted, "Should we really be here" and "'27 the last autumn" (we haven't got a decent photo of the latter yet to include on this site).

In other news Chris has just supplied prints on canvas of four of her paintings to East Coast Rail for display in the new Wakefield Westgate station. 

Chris took four of her paintings along to the selection for Railart 2013 exhibition, which is the Guild of Railway Artists annual exhibition held on Saturday the 17th of August. 

It was held at 'Locomotion', The National Railway Museum, Shildon, County Durham and ran from the 24th of August until the 6th of October. 

Chris would have been highly delighted to have had one picture accepted, but was over the moon when they accepted all four. We returned to Shildon on the 21st to assist in the hanging of the paintings and attended the official opening on the 24th. 

All in all it was a wonderful experience for us both. 

Enough of the chat, onto the Paintings!


Edwardian Elegance.jpg

"Edwardian Elegance"

The second painting that Chris finished in December 2016 is a delightful 'chocolate box' scene derived from a photo taken at Weybourne Station on the North Norfolk Railway by Andrew Southwell and used with his kind permission.

The painting is 24" x 36" acrylic on canvas

Spring Clean at Stainmore.jpg

"Spring Clean at Stainmore"

Chris has  finished two paintings in December, a most unusual occurrence.

The painting features two locos that will both ultimately in the care of the Stainmore Railway company and the Locomotive Conservation and Learning Trust. - The Fletcher 601 is already in residence and the J21 is awaiting removal there from the NYRM Locomotion at Shildon.

The painting is 24" x 36" acrylic on canvas.

De-Light at Holbeck small.jpg

"De-Light at Holbeck"

Chris's latest painting is entitled "De-Light at Holbeck" and is based on an original photograph copyright of Simon Lathlane. 

Simon very kindly gave Chris permission to use it as the basis for her painting. 

The painting is  is 24" x 36" acrylics on canvas

"Austere Times at Barrow Hill"

Chris finished a second painting just before De-Light at Holbeck.

This one is of an LNER J94 on the turntable at Barrow Hill Round House and it's entitled "Austere Times at Barrow Hill"

The painting is from a photo taken by the locomotives owner Mike Thompson who gave permission for Chris to use it. 

8009 is currently in the queue for restoration at the Stainmore Railway in Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria.

The painting is "18 x 24" and acrylics on canvas.

Austere Times at Barrow Hill.jpg

1945-The Return of a Desert Rat.jpg

"The Return of a Desert Rat"

The second painting that Chris finished (May 2015) was a tribute to her father who was a Desert Rat in Africa during the war. His heroine was Vera Lynn.

The scene is based at Kirkgate Station, Wakefield at the end of the war. WD 2-10-0 no 3672 Vera Lynn is shown pulling LNER Diagram 114 coach number 3669 - this coach is preserved by the LNER Coach association and is running on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

The soldier, a desert rat, returns home after serving the full term of the second world war.

Thanks go to John Turner of 53A Models for the reference photo used to create the station scene.

The painting is 28" by 36" and is acrylic on canvas.

Should we really be here 1.jpg

"Should We Really Be Here"

The next creation to come from Chris's talented fingers is entitled "Should we really Be Here" 

A view of the former LNER Thompson B1 Harry Hinchliffe looking rather neglected at Wakefield Shed in the 1960's

The painting is acrylic on canvas and is 24" x 18"

Wakefield Westgate 1.jpg

Chris's latest painting (April (2013) is a view of Wakefield Westgate Station from 1926. The scene also includes the unique LNER Ivatt/Gresley Atlantic, no 4419. Nigel Gresley experimentally modified 4419 by fitting a booster engine attached to the trailing wheels. This was designed to assist when starting heavy trains and when going uphill. This modification required the lengthening of the frames and allowed room for a pacific type cab. The train pulled by 4419 is made up of pre 1928 Pullman carriages in the original Pullman livery. The painting was painted from an image with the kind permission of Steve Armitage.

It is painted in acrylics on canvas and is 36" x 28"

shed bunking 1 .jpg

"Shed Bunking"

This painting is another that was inspired by a photo. This time of York Shed in the 1960's, however us being us we wanted something different.

Our railway interests are mainly centred on the grouping era, so we liked the idea of the A1 alongside the V2. But since the A1 wasn't built until 1948, historically the only way that we could have any hint of the LNER was in 1948 when British Rail was formed but it took time to repaint all the stock in BR livery. 
What this meant in terms of the painting versus the original photo ,was changing the identity of the A1, changing the identity and backdating the steampipes of the V2 to the monoblock versions and removing a BR Standard 9F from the back ground and replacing it with the A4. Other changes to the overall scene were the introduction of the doorway where the boys are shed bunking and the wagon and shed foreman looking on.

It is painted in Acrylics on canvas and is 24" x 40" in size

Boys and their Toys 1.jpg

"Boys and Their Toys"

This painting is the subject of yet another internet find. This time the photo of Prince's Quay in the 1920's is part of the collection hosted by The Glasgow Story. 

After permission to use it was obtained, further research was required because the photo was very small. In order to clarify details other photos of the dock were sought and bit by bit clarity of the subject was determined.

Due to the constraints of the canvas size some details were omitted and some repositioned to fit into the "picture" Being from the 1920's the original photo was black and white.

Chris chose to portray the bulk of the scene in sepia with the highlights in colour.

It is painted in Acrylics on canvas and is 30" x 40" in size

"Fletcher 901"

We often visit the National Railway Museum's outpost at Shildon and we always take lots of photographs. 
Some of these Chris uses for subjects to paint.

One such photo was used for this painting entitled "Fletcher 901" 
This is a painting of a section of the front end of No 910. 
Which is a steam engine of the 901 class built for the North Eastern Railway by Edward Fletcher who was apprentice to George Stephenson and worked on the building of Rocket. 

It is painted in Acrylics on canvas and is 20" x 20" in size

Fletcher 901 1.jpg

J52 Quietly Gleaming 1.jpg

"J52 Quietly Gleaming"

Another photo taken at Shildon, gave rise to this as a subject for a painting. 

This is another abstract view of a steam locomotive, this time a Great Northern Railway J14 (LNERJ52) Introduced by HA Ivatt in 1897 with some of the class lasting until 1961. This loco has recently been repainted in the striking Great Northern Railway livery.

Painted in Acrylics on canvas this painting is 20" x 28" in size

"A Hard Life"

A Hard Life was painted as a foil to "J52 Quietly Gleaming" and is a view of the same J52 but depicted as work stained and travel weary. The lads doing their spotting have managed to get in past the watchful shed foreman.

The painting is oil on canvas and is 20" x 20"

A Hard Life 1.jpg

Buckeye Coupling 1.jpg

"Buckeye Coupling"

Next is entitled "Buckeye Coupling" and it was inspired by a photo that Chris found on the internet
by a gent called Keith Norgrove.

Once she had decided that she would like to use it as a subject, Chris dropped him an email via his website to ask for permission to use his photo for a painting. That permission was duly given and this is Chris's artistic interpretation of the photo.

Painted in Acrylics on canvas it is 24" x 18" in size.

"Castle Speedo"

This painting is another that was inspired by a photo that Chris found on the web this time when searching for a Christmas present for me. 

Warren Sheppard, a gent who produces 7mm scale locomotive kits. Has a section of his website dedicated to prototype photographs and it was one of these that Chris decided that she would like to paint. Another email was sent asking for permission to use it as a subject for a painting and once again kindly permission was granted.

This painting is centred around one of the driving wheels and it's associated speedo drive from Great Western Railway Castle Class locomotive, No 4073"Caerphilly Castle". She was the 1st Castle Class loco to be built and was completed in 1923. 

it is painted in Acrylics on canvas and is 24" x 18" in size

Castle Speedo 1.jpg

worked hardweb.jpg

"Worked Hard"

Worked Hard is one of Chris's first railway paintings. 

It was derived from a photo that Chris took at the NRM Shildon of the motion of one of the locos in residence at the time. 

It is 14" x 10" and is Acrylic on canvas