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Gallery Page for Silhouette Cameo


This page is where I will showcase the models that I semi scratch build using the Silhouette Cameo Cutter to create parts for assembly.

My latest Cameo assisted build is a rectangular tar tank which came about as an experiment to see if I could achieve two things. The first being whether I could make convincing rivets with the cameo and the second to see if I could successfully recreate the cracked tar spillage effect on the tank top. I started by just making and painting the tank body itself. Once I had achieved my goals it seemed almost a waste not to build an underframe for the tank to sit upon.

Next we get really quite adventurous, the next van is an ex NBR 51 foot bogie CCT finished in BR livery.

Finished virtually in tandem with the bogie CCT is another scottish constituent of the LNER in the form of an ex GNSR Vacuum Cleaner wagon. Although the "shed" body was cut with the Silhouette, the wagon itself is true multi media made from coffee stirrers and styrene with various plastic and brass underframe fittings from the spares box.

Still sticking with the NBR theme, the next van completed was a Diagram 39B 17 foot van. This is built using Silhouette cut sides and doors mated to Parkside Dundas ends and using PD underframe fittings.

First completed were a set of former NBR 8 ton Jubilee Vans - even the LNER wagon plates are cut on the Cameo.

There is a wonderful photo of one of these looking rather tired at the end of it's days so I had to model it.