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Tools and Tips




Tools and Tips

Why tools and tips?


One of the things that has been most useful to me while modelling is picking up on the tools and tips that other modellers share via forums. This page is going to be my area to share the tools that I use and tips that make things easier or just get results.

Air Brush and Compressor


Sadly my compressor made a bid for freedom last weekend and smashed itself on the floor. It could have been much worse it was a reasonably cheap compressor and I had had it for about 4 years so I count myself lucky.

After doing a bit of research I decided on a twin piston compressor with a tank. More research and lots of ummming and ahhing later I plumped for the Iwata Studio Series Power Jet pro (Chris came to the rescue here as My modelling funds are committed to various items until the end of the year.....). The cheapest I found was on eBay and it was open to offers so I managed to get the guy down a bit.

Never having had any good results with the two double action airbrushes that I have - they came with my old compressor as a set (and not taking any persuading at all in this by Chris when she suggested it ). I took fellow modeller’s advice and looked for an airbrush with a 0.5mm nozzle.

The upshot is that I bought an Iwata Revolution (from a different eBay seller). The compressor arrived yesterday and the airbrush earlier in the week.

After connecting it all up last night to test and following the conflicting information - One sheet said wrap all screw connections in PTFE tape, the next said they were all O ring fittings so didn't need it. I washed it out with some airbrush cleaner and gave it a try.

All I can say is WOW!! it is so easy to get a nice result with the right equipment. The compressor is almost silent and having tank after filling it runs for quite some time before kicking in again. 

I have a fair few stuff that needs painting so watch this space.